Internet Marketing on a Tight Budget

If your business is new, or struggling, employing an internet marketing company may seem necessary, yet unaffordable.  While this may be an accurate assessment in many cases, internet marketing traditionally shows a significant return on investment, making the additional struggle now eventually worth it in the end.  Competition today is fierce: a small, new or struggling business will never have the funds to compete with large companies with in-house marketing departments.  Social media has also exploded, making companies that are already in the eyes of your potential clients or customers even more visible.

However, your company can employ strategies to run a successful internet marketing campaign on a budget.  First and foremost, decide on a reasonable budget and hire a web design company that can work on that budget.  Although the design of your website is not typically discussed in the same sentence with marketing strategies or working with one the top-rated Search Engine Optimization Companies on Long Island, such as Mimvi SEO. Also, using an attractive and user-friendly website is guaranteed to draw in a significantly higher amount of leads than a boring or ugly and difficult to use the website.  In addition, make sure that your website highlights exactly what it is you do, distinguishes your company from the competition and humbly brags about your efforts and success.

In addition, a successful, easy and budget-friendly technique to reach new clients and/or customers is the use of email marketing. Allow current customers to opt-in to an email list to keep them updated on new developments, sales, etc.  Also, consider various email lists that cater to the specific needs of potential clients while personalizing the email to depict your company in an appealing light.

Use social media, especially professional networks such as LinkedIn, to the fullest of their abilities.  Create a LinkedIn group; you will be happy to know that this is free!  A LinkedIn group can provide the public with useful information about your industry and your company and drive traffic to your site, which will ultimately increase sales.  Keep the LinkedIn page informative, interesting and vibrant; but, do not reiterate your website and get it found by some of the top Long Island SEO Services.

TV or radio commercials, or magazines, may be difficult to achieve, especially on a tight budget.  However, the internet hosts millions of industry-specific blogs that reach millions of web-surfers per day.  Spend some time researching into blogs that will reach your target audience and thinking up blog topics; then, contact the creators of those blogs with your topic ideas and how you believe your articles will aid their blog and be of interest to their readers.

Other than blogs, press releases are an incredibly useful tool to put your company in the public’s eye.  While, they are not free, depending on the press release company you go through, they can be very affordable and have the potential to be picked up my large news sources.  A press release will depict your company in a favorable light, because it is coming from you, and will get your name out there using internet search marketing in NYC to your advantage.

Until your company grows and is booming, where you can afford professionals to maintain your marketing, utilize the free and budget-friendly methods discussed and you will see a noticeable change.